Is Your Property Safe?

Do you know if the electrical installation in your home is safe and complies with the current electrical regulations? If not then you definitely should, and here is why:

30 deaths

per year are recorded in the UK as a direct result of electricity.

4,000 accidents

per year (those which do not result in death) are recorded in the UK from electricity.

20+ amps

is considered as a lethal dose of electricity for human beings.

An electrical installation includes all fixed electrical equipment that is supplied through your property's electricity meter. Just like other features of your property, electrical installations deteriorate and face wear and tear, so need to be properly maintained. This is especially true for older style consumer units that do not offer any where near the level of protection that todays modern consumer units provide.

Getting a periodic inspection of your electrical installations via an Electric Installation Condition Report (EICR) is the best way to find out if there are any potential safety or fire hazards in your property.

At Lurox Electrical Services we are experts in the testing and inspection of domestic properties and will provide a comprehensive and honest summary of the state of your properties installation. We will flag up any issues that are an immediate danger or potentially dangerous and we will also make you aware of any areas where we would recommend improvement.